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    Work & Witness Team Projects:

The SW Indian Missionary Assn. office building is located behind the Missionary Chapel at 1005 East Palm Lane in downtown Phoenix, AZ.   The A/C unit on the office roof was not operable when we accepted the leadership role in May 2017.  We don't know how long it has not functioned.   

      We cannot use the office in the summer months because of the hot box conditions inside and at present there are many boxes, books, furniture and misc. items stored inside.   We are sorting through every item and slowly clearing and cleaning out the much needed office space.   We are praying that a small Work & Witness Team will consider coming to Phoenix to help us replace this A/C unit with a new one.    

    An HVAC contractor has advised us that it is best to replace this unit with a new A/C unit. 




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