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​Our emphasis is on salvation by Grace through Faith followed by good works as an essential fruit of the Christian lifestyle.   Subsequent to a definite salvation experience and deliverance from sin is the effectual call of God on your life where every Believer becomes an effective witness for Christ. 

In fellowship, we are non-denominational.  

In Biblical doctrine we are Weslyan and Methodist in practice

We believe that man was created in the image of God, through disobedience, sinned and fell, and that the entire human race shares in man's lost and depraved nature. 

We teach that Godly repentance precedes salvation which is the gift of God by grace alone and received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that all who have been washed by the blood of Jesus Christ are brothers and sisters in the Church of God.   ​​

Being filled with the Holy Spirit of God is imperative in order to live the Christian life.

​​​​​The primary goal of SW Indian Missionary Assn. is to reach out to the people of different races and cultures in need of deliverance from their sin.   We are compelled by the Love of God to help the lost find Salvation and an abundant life through Jesus Christ.   We are not interested in building a material kingdom here on earth that will pass away, but we are greatly interested in building God's eternal kingdom. 


​Since 1945, SWIMA has been a pioneer Evangelical Missionary endeavor as we preach the Word of God without fear or favor.   Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the primary focus of this mission work in the SW United States.   We are challenged by the many  opportunities to educate children and adults in various settings in Phoenix and on the reservations.   Our mission is not over.   

As always, your faithful prayers and financial support will enable SW Indian Missionary Assn. to continue.



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